The Story Of My Life

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It had been 41 hours since I’d last seen Finch, my older brother. In a family of 4, three of said amount remain absent from home. I’m usually home alone during the day, which realistically doesn’t bother me. What does bother me is when Finch doesn’t show up to say goodbye or hello. I wake up and he’s not there, I go to sleep and he still is gone. Yet I forget to mention that he shows up again. In less than 24 hours I will see Finch walk through the main doors with his scrappy backpack claiming he was working, yet his dirty, bloody face says otherwise. This time is different. Finch is missing for real and all the other times he’s gone, seemed like clouded fog in my mind. “Jennifer!” my dad called me away from my train of thought,…show more content…
Only this time was different. The imaginary people seemed to glare at me and hate my every move. I scurried along a wall that draped old wallpaper like curtains, as my fingers traced along. “Hurry Jennifer!” my dad sounded foggy from the desolate basement. I kept walking along the wall that was splotched in the flower wallpaper. The only noise I heard was the soft tapping of my shoes against the damp wood floors. The basement was quiet enough to hear a pin drop. I suddenly noticed out of the corner of my eye, a little wallet on a chair in the corner. I pushed away from the wall for a moment. A moment where my slim fingers cut a hole into the wallpaper. I stopped in my tracks. Slowly, my head swiveled around toward the wallpaper. My body huddled the wall as I removed my finger from the break, I felt the wallpaper around the break and picked a large piece of wallpaper was detached moving to the left. A dark, moldy layer was revealed, along with a doorknob. Doorknob? My finger pressed against the break, pushing up. I could now see imprints of a door. I ripped off ¾ of the door’s wallpaper. I stood in front of a door once covered with wallpaper. It was covered with abnormal carvings. The door read: Room 41. Weird how door 41 was behind wallpaper. Wooden carvings covered the surface area of the door. I reached for the knob and in a blink the door was open. Dust flew in the air and a bat flew out of the door. I screamed. “Jennifer?” a faint voice said
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