The Story Of Myself, Kayana Janis

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Kayana Janis Autobiography Education 131 The Beginning The story of myself, Kayana Janis begins in 1991 in Pine Ridge South Dakota. 1991 was the year my parents, Louis and Luwana got together. When my parents first got together my mother was finishing her social work degree and my father was working odd jobs. Despite their financial situation they decided to start a family together. At that time my father had already had a son named LeRoy from a previous relationship. In March of 1992 my parents had their first daughter together, they decided to name her Kailyn. After Kailyn’s birth my parents decided to get married. Their plan was set in stone on February 18 1993. 3 years later my parents decided to expand their family. I was born on September 16 1996, I was named Kayana after my dads close cousin Kayann. I grew up in a small two bedroom house a mile west of the town Pine Ridge. I started my education out at Wolf Creek school where my mother was working as a school counselor. On November 2 2001 our house had started on fire in the middle of the night while my parents and I were asleep. My dad had just started working as a firefighter around that time, so we got in the car that night and took him to work so he could respond to his own home burning down. It took 6 months for our house to be rebuilt. During that time we lived with my maternal grandmother. In May the following year when we were able to move back into our home my sister decided that she was going to

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