The Story Of Phil 's Life

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Dan wasn 't 100% sure of the exact moment he 'd fallen in love with his best friend, but he was certainly aware of the moment realisation struck that this was the case. It was like a thousand ton of bricks (somehow) cascaded from the sky, hit him all at once and finally placed his thoughts together. Thoughts that had been so jumbled up and discarded, so shunned and rejected, so confused and hopeless – that he 'd forgotten he even owned them up until this point. Thinking about it, it was inevitable that Dan would fall for Phil – he 'd idolised him in his younger years, he turned to him in times of pain or stress – Phil was his escape from the crappy reality of his life. Then, suddenly, Phil wanted to be in his life as much as he wanted to be in Phil 's, he made Dan feel wanted and of value, which was foreign to him. He was sweet and comforting and hilarious and so unconditionally kind to everyone he came across, how couldn 't Dan be head over heels for him?

The epiphany took place one morning that Dan had decided to sleep in. He 'd had a busy night the previous evening – filming the last few segments of a new video and doing a large chunk of the editing for it – the lie in was well deserved. The large amount of sleep Dan had had resulted in him feeling re-energised and full of optimism, due to this, he made his way to the lounge rather too enthusiastically for someone who had just gotten out of bed. It was at this moment that he was faced with an ebony haired man sat cross…
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