The Story Of Reaganomics : Ronald Reagan

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The Story of Reaganomics
Ronald “Dutch” Reagan was President of the United States from 1980 to 1988. His Presidency is one that is of great debate currently, with many current crises in the world having to do with the same subjects that Reagan dealt with during his terms as President. Reagan was a man that came from very little and never intended to achieve greatness, and whom greatness was very much thrust upon. His life reads almost like a movie, with so many tiny crucial threads of detail coming together over the duration of his life that led him to what he became. Ronald Reagan was a man whom the generalization of just another president does a tremendous disservice. A man of the people, his life, beliefs and political ideology were shaped by those whom he was surrounded by throughout his life. Beginning from a young age, Dutch would have many trials and tribulations that would set him on his path to becoming one of the most memorable presidents to date. Ronald Reagan grew up in a very different time than that of what we know now. Born February 6th, 1911, in the room above a local bank in Tampico, Illinois, Reagan was given the nickname ‘Dutch’ due to his father 's remark that he looked like a “fat little Dutchman.” In a time where boys grew up tough and childhood was almost a trial by fire to adulthood, Reagan cast aside the name Ronald in favor of the tougher, more manly, Dutch. Dutch’s Father, John “Jack” Edward Reagan, was a shoe salesman whose people hailed from

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