The Story of Queen Elizabeth

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Plot/Beginning: The story starts when Elizabeth one of the daughters of Henry VII was in her village with a person that appear to be a friend but just after they dance some court knights were sent to find her and take her into the presence of the queen Mary the daughter of the first woman that Henry had. When Elizabeth reach the royal castle the queen Mary see her as an insect but in the inside she knew that she was going to die and that the next queen in the list will be Elizabeth, she had only to sign some papers and it will become real. Elizabeth was sent to a place where she was captured as a prisoner for some days and then when Mary died Elizabeth was named as the Queen Elizabeth, the new ruler of England. Rising Action: Problems started when another country invade Scotland and make a big and horrible massacre were hundreds and even thousands of people died. Elizabeth was sure that the only way to keep his people safe was by making peace with all the neighbor countries, so she didn’t do any actions that could make more damage that the massacre in Scotland. After that she talk to some men that were in black vests and give them some words that make all the men impress by the intelligence and wisdom that this queen had by defending herself and his hand from the proposal of marriage, after that I know perfectly that those men will not mess again with the queen Elizabeth. Climax: Meanwhile there was a complot against the crown by the French country that was the one that
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