The Story of a Man Turned Jazz Musician

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Whether it’s a musician, singer, artist or anyone else, everyone have to go through the journey of life by facing difficulties. It’s a story about one day, just like several days where a jazz musician has been interviewed near the national forest. After being asked about why he changed his profession, he tells something amazing. (He tells) In this world there are two types of people: Polite, shy and religious, and on the other hand who is the self- styled ladies’ man. My life starts from ‘World War’ where from several bombings and deaths including fire in forests my family decides to change the Home- town to Paris. As a child I was polite and shy. When I had family problems during which my mother and father divorced and got separated. I changed my interest several times including arts, music, and writing and now as an adult in girls. I had several girls in my life. Finally, One day when I was in a good mood because of joking around with the friends, after the lunch I met someone and for the first time, I felt as if I am so lucky to be the part of this world. She seems to be so attractive to me; I have seen several girls in my life. Her body was symmetrical in shape; eyes were like the shining star that comes in the morning, making the sky bright. Something was special in her I have seen several hair styles but I cannot forget her hair; that was while touching on her face, more beautiful than the peacock feathers. She was drinking water; I wished to be that water bottle

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