The Stranger Character Analysis

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The Stranger: Representation of the Setting
In Camus’s novel, The Stranger, Camus uses the elements of setting to shows that human’s action and emotion are influenced by the physical world. For example, the sun at Manan’s funeral that makes Meursault hard to see and think. The heat that forces him to murder. And the light in the courtroom that makes him tire. The weather and the surroundings in the novel controls Meursault’s emotions, making him angry, sleepy or happy. By the uses of setting, and elements of setting, such as the sun and the heat, Camus illustrates the physical world is taking over the inner feelings of individuals by influencing their actions and emotions. We are introduced to the novel by the death of Maman. Camus
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Similarly, Camus demonstrates how the weather can affect individual’s thinking. While Meursault was in the examining magistrate after the murder, Meursault was introduced to his lawyer in the afternoon. Camus described the room as “very hot”, where the room was “filled with sunlight barely softened by a flimsy curtain.” (Camus 66) When the sunlight shining into the office, Meursault was unable to focus, and he was “repeating the same story over and over.” (Camus 67) By repeating over and over again under the pressure of heat, Camus suggested the feeling of annoyed. Camus uses the heat to set a constant reminder that Meursault is a man who does not have his own feelings. Rather, is a man who can be controlled by the surroundings. Camus uses the setting of sun, heat and weather to demonstrates that there is a separation between the physical world and the emotional world, in which people are aware of their surroundings, but slowly forgotten their own feelings. Camus included the death of Maman to shows that even though Meursault and Maman cares about each other, but when the heat is presented, the heat will override the feelings between the mother and son. Accordingly, the presence of the murder, which shows how Meursault was controlled by the weather under the hot sun. Meursault unintendedly walked towards the Arab just to cool off. Meursault also acts differently accordingly to the lighting and weather in the cell.
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