The Strategies For Managing Interpersonal Conflicts, And How Emotions And Nonverbal Communication Can Affect A Relationship

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Dear Joseph and Michelle, I would like to congratulate the both of you on your recent engagement. I am very excited that I was chosen to be a part of your special occasion. My husband and I have been married for 9 years and I can assure you that I am the best person for your situation being that I just finished taking a course on interpersonal communication. Communication is very important in any type of relationship. Marriage is built on having effective communication with your partner. This letter will explain the strategies for managing interpersonal conflicts, and how emotions and nonverbal communication can affect a relationship. I am excited to share with you some of the things I have learned.…show more content…
If you want your relationship to blossom and be successful each person will need a strong foundation that they can build their relationship on. Where does your concept of self come from? As stated in the text “Most researchers believe that who you think you are is a complex mix of how you see yourself; how others see you; what parents, teachers, and peers have told you about yourself that you have recognized and internalized; and what your society or culture tells you that you are or that you should be (Bevan & Sole, 2014). It is important to be open minded and always remember that your spouse opinion is not always the same as yours, but it is equally important as yours. You should remember to show the same respect as you would want for yourself. When you and your spouse are communicating use your own words and not someone else. “A person with high self-concept should experience greater relationship satisfaction and commitment, in part, because of inclusion of other in the self” (Lewandowski, 2010). I believe the way you view yourself will determine how you will experience life. Self-esteem consists of your broad sense of self-worth and the level of satisfaction you have with yourself; it is how you evaluate and judge yourself (Crocker & Wolfe, 2001). Having high self-esteem will establish your worth and beliefs about being valuable and capable. You will lose yourself if you become solely dependent on how people feel
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