The Strategies Of Al-Qaeda Ideologies

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Throughout history, various terrorist groups have targeted the United States, endeavoring to prove its power and capabilities. Al-Qaeda, a terrorist group, run by Osama Bin Laden, is an explicit example of this. This group’s actions during the early 21st century has changed the lives of American’s forever. On September 11, 2001, al-Qaeda attacked the twin towers and World Trade Center, whilst attempted to attack the White House. This act of terrorism killed thousands of innocent civilians, no matter age, gender or race. Al-Qaeda’s main goal is to diffuse fear throughout the world. As time continues, the amount of terrorism within the world is increasing. An increase of terrorism activity is due to the increased amount of state support for it.…show more content…
These organizations result in a vast amount of destruction and casualties in the world. Due to al-Qaeda’s interpretation of Islam, terrorists attacked the world. The groups main strategy was to threaten America by staging attacks such as the 9/11 attacks so, American soldiers to invade Muslim countries. This was all a set up to increase American civilian casualties, increase the diffusion of fear across the world, demonstrate their power and capabilities, and most importantly, spread al-Qaeda ideologies. Supporters of al-Qaeda ideologies believe that the Middle East must be restored into true Islamic states by destroying any Western influence, similar to that in America. In America, ideas of nationalism or democracy are widespread, which conflict with al-Qaeda supporters beliefs. Al-Qaeda organized various attacks on the United States and other countries to decades the spread of Western ideas. Therefore, to achieve their ideologies, al-Qaeda must spread fear by inflicting various acts of terror to increase the diffusion of their religious int he world. America's strength and perseverance abetted the nation’s role against terrorism. In history, al-Qaeda is considered one of the most dangerous terrorist groups that have implicated various acts of terror on the world. Although the number of terrorism acts are increasing, this only motivates the government of the United States and other countries to strive harder to protect their country. Americans metaphorically thank terrorist, for it was their acts that made them stronger as a
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