The Streetcar Named Desire By Tennessee Williams

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To live in a world of illusion is to live a life of lies.Sometimes people try to escape reality, whether to avoid truths or to avoid their past. A Streetcar named Desire by Tennessee Williams introduces Blanche Dubois as the main protagonist and potential victim of the story. In the story, Blanche leaves her home in “Belle Reve” because it has been destroyed and takes a streetcar to to get to her sister’s (Stella’s) residence. She believes that she will find a new life as well as comfort and acceptance at her sister’s side. Unfortunately she is very wrong about it, in fact, it is the complete opposite. Blanche’s past life was very shameful for her and so in order to forget the tormenting truth, she resorts to living a fantasy life of her own, which causes problems for her later on (self-destruction). In order to give a little insight of what Blanche is so desperately trying to escape, it is necessary to review her past. When Blanche was younger (approximately in her thirties) she married a young man ━named Allan━ that she desperately loved. In her eyes her marriage was filled with love and tenderness, however deep inside she knew her husband was not happy. Later on, during their marriage, she discovers her husband in bed with another man. When she depreciates and shows him disgust instead of helping him with his struggle, he becomes so pressured with his situation and commits suicide. Blanche blames herself for the death because she thinks she could’ve done something to…
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