The Strength Based Approach Is A Traditional And Foundational Aspect Of General Social Work Practice

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5.1 Problem solving approach is a traditional and foundational aspect of general social work practice. It is based on identifying a problem or set of problems facing a client, and formulating a framework of possible options with the hope of fixing the problem or improving the situation. Although the worker may guide the client and inform them of the possibilities and options available, the client is still solely responsible for their own choices and actions. The formal application of this principle is the definition, assessment, setting of goals, intervention and resolution.

The strength based approach is a groundbreaking concept that has changed the paradigm of problem solving within social work. Instead of focusing on the trials, problems and adversity that face a consumer. We acknowledge the difficulty, we do not underestimate it or belittle it, yet we try and change the focus of the situation and outlook of the individual, to focus on their skills, achievements, qualities, gifts and strengths.

The goal of the strength based approach is to empower the individual, based on their past successes and to aid them in utilizing this strength to progress in a positive manner. We try to break the paradigm of defining the client by their faults or weaknesses. We as a society place names and labels on everything, we define our world and the people around us using this convention. However marginalized people often carry labels with crippling stigma attached to them, drug…
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