The Strengths And Weaknesses Of Joseph Stalin And Adolf Hitler Essay

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The purpose of this paper is to explain the strengths and weaknesses of Joseph Stalin and Adolf Hitler with regards to their respective leadership styles and their interaction with their subordinates. I will analyze each leader’s qualities and then compare them to one another as I close out this document. This paper will rely extensively on knowledge gained through reading of two sources of documentation. The first document from Seweryn Bialer called “Stalin and His Generals” and the second document is from Albert Speer and his memoir “Inside the Third Reich”. I will first focus on Adolf Hitler by utilizing Albert Speer’s, “Inside the Third Reich” and then change the focus to Joseph Stalin by referencing Seweryn Bialer’s piece, “Stalin and His Generals” and then give my thoughts as I compare the two leaders for the conclusion of the paper. Adolf Hitler was the leader of the Nazi party and would eventually become Germany’s Fuhrer for the duration of World War 2. In the early years of the second world war Hitler would see many successful military operations. With the tide of the war leaning in Hitler’s favor early on, each successful operation slowly skewed Hitler’s belief that he was truly a master tactician. Well known for underutilizing his senior staff, Hitler would rely mostly on what he saw from his position, as successful advances based of his own intellect. This mentality would be carried along throughout the wars’ entirety with inability to recognize the value of his

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