The Stresses that Come with Being a Nurse

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Multiple studies over the past twenty-plus years have looked at factors affecting the nurse’s workday and the effects it has on them. When an individual first enters a chosen career, he or she is driven. If the work environment is not encouraging of the individual's efforts and concerns, the reality of the job and the individual's prospects begin to deviate and frustration and disappointment happens. (Kerri, 2014) These feelings can bring about job displeasure, resulting in decreased efficiency, loss of confidence and concentration, and behavior changes. If these circumstances are not addressed, stress accumulates and causes typical stress-related symptoms. The definite stressors within the work environment that lead to stress and burnout can be different among occupations and between individuals within an occupation. The starting place of burnout is in the work environment, but because not every individuals working in a certain environment will experience burnout, personal risk factors must have a role in putting the individual at risk for burnout. Therefore, personality is another important factor to be considered.
Jennings (2010) found that: Neuroticism has been associated with exhaustion. External locus of control has demonstrated a positive relationship with burnout and stress. Findings are mixed for hardiness. Evaluations of anxiety reflect a link with stress and burnout. Anxiety is viewed as having two components—state anxiety, the temporary component which manifests

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