The Structural Model Approach : Movie Review

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The Structural Model Approach From the course list of movies I have chosen the movie about Antowne Fisher. Because, from my view the movie identify some of the particular concepts in the family dynamic that was portrayed in the movie. The movie of Antowne Fisher is center around a young black man who mother has given birth to him in prison taken away and place in foster care into an abusive family. Antowne Fisher experience verbally, sexually, and physically abuse while growing up as a child in foster care which contribute to his anger management problem. Antowne Fisher also experience the loss of his best friend as a young man which was difficult for him. Because, his friend took him in and look after him, he was the only one Antowne …show more content…

132). Mr. Fisher being in the Navy was govern by particular standard and rules which order him to comply with circumstances which resulted from his anger problem. With Mr. Fisher being in the Navy, he was governed by rules which make him to comply with the condition of that reality. Mr. Fisher had to visit with Dr. Davenport because he was order to counseling by his superior officer which he had to report to Dr. Davenport office each week to talk about his problem. After several visits to Dr. Davenport office, Mr. Fisher was ready to talk but he did not know how to begin. Mr. Fisher asked Dr. Davenport to ask him a question. The doctor asked Mr. Fisher a few open-ended question and started to actively listening to Mr. Fisher responses conceptualizing while developing a relationship with Mr. Fisher. Dr. Davenport began to understand Mr. Fisher anger management issues by mapping out his territory and identifying the obstacles in his abusive childhood. The doctor gave Mr. Fisher a novel to get a grasp of the mentality of the people who mistreated him and how they grew up being mistreated themselves. To analyze the positive and strengths of the structural family dynamic portrayed in the movie to help Mr. Fisher, Dr. Davenport conveyed

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