The Structure Of Roller Coasters

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The structure of roller coasters present many factors in physics and in engineering, engineers must contain an abundance of knowledge and research in order to assure the safety and the structure as a whole. AAPT needs entries at their annual roller coaster competition that include the use of only gravity to get from the beginning to the end of the track, so a structure will be built to present overall knowledge on kinetic and potential energy, as well as calculations. Relating to other fields, this project requires knowledge on kinetic and potential energy, especially while transitioning from one stage to the next while keeping the total mechanical energy the same at all points (Annenberg, 2014). The overall structure will be tested on multiple obstacles including a loop, funnel, humps, zig zags, and possibly a corkscrew. Not only will it be tested on these stages, but its safety and design should also be expected to receive an evaluation. The overall purpose of this project is to build and test a roller coaster that is built based off of knowledge and research while ensuring the fun and excitement while making sure the riders reach the end of the ride. Roller coasters indeed trade height for velocity and velocity for height (Annenberg, 2014). Its first hill can affect the rest of the ride because so many things depend on it. While making the first hill, it’s important to think about the maximum kinetic energy, because the energy presented here will show whether or not

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