The Struggles of Immigant Woman Searching for Employment in Canada

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Based on the preliminary research I conducted, I have been able to identify two key topic areas that are of interest to me and these include: immigrant women attaining jobs in Ontario and violence experienced by women in Canada. In regard to immigrant women attaining jobs, there are significantly higher unemployment rates and lower wages that they are faced with, in comparison to other immigrant men and Canadian-born men and women. The debate circulating around this issue seeks to answer whether gender, immigrant class, age, ethnicity and sexuality all play a role in an immigrant woman’s ability to be employed (TIEDI, 2010, p.1). Some key questions that have arisen focus on workplace policies and programs that create further disparity …show more content…

It is evident that transhistorical approaches have reduced the complexity of this issue and the positions of these women seek to take a macro-level approach in order to identify the factors that lead up to violent acts against girls and women.

d) From the preliminary research I conducted on the two topics, I will specifically focus on immigrant women and girls attaining jobs in Ontario and the many obstacles they encounter due to sexual orientation, race/ethnicity, class and age. Since this is such a broad topic, I will focus on specific areas that analyze how cultural norms/traditions/stereotypes and government and workplace gendered policies/regulations all impact women and girls’ abilities to be employed. I will seek to answer questions that explain what factors lead up to immigrant women ending up in these circumstances, why it occurs so frequently and what possible solutions are available to bring about change. As identified by Papp (2010), a key issue of concern is that many immigrant women of South Asian communities, who are sponsored by their husbands to reside in Canada, are not adequately educated about their rights and freedoms. The lack of information can lead to women continuing with their practices of cultural norms from their home country, which often involves being forced

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