The Student Transitional Empowerment Program

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Thanks to the Student Transitional Empowerment Program (STEP), it has been very easy transitioning to Mason. Everyday I ask myself what I would do if I did not have STEP. Nobody understands how much I appreciate STEP for getting me ready for college, because I did not feel like a lost puppy one the first week of school. Without STEP I would be coming into campus with only one friend, but thanks to STEP I came into campus with over 30 friends, which I now call family. I have people who I can study with, grab lunch with and people who I can participate in activities with. In addition, where would I go in between my classes? Thanks to ODIME office, I have a place to relax and study in between my classes. However, not everything has been flowers and sun shine, because I have had some difficulties transitioning to Mason, two in particular. One being that I have to commute over 30 minutes from my house. In high school, it would literally take me two minutes to drive, now I have to go through a mission to get to my classes. The second thing I am having difficulties with is, how there are no school lunches and I do not have mason money from STEP. Personally, it is difficult to pack lunch when I get home and in the mornings because I am to tired and busy to do so at both times, so I go without food the whole day.

This fall semester has been very different from the summer semester for me personally. One reason it has been different, is how the class lectures go at a slower pace.
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