The Students With Epilepsy Should Be Taught

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In today’s society, many different kinds of school educations for children and teenager are available. Teenagers can attend a regular high school, a private school or they can get homeschooled. Most of the teenagers with epilepsy are able to attend a regular school because they have normal intelligence. Especially because of the fact that, if the teenager needs special aids, the most schools are able to offer this. However, it is always important to keep in mind that a teenager with epilepsy is able to learn as well and efficient as other teenagers. Regular classes also present psychological problems for teenagers. It is important that the teachers are aware of the teenager with epilepsy. However, it can happen that the teacher starts …show more content…

Even though it is very common that a student needs special aids, the other students can use this for another bullying attack. Moreover, bullying is not the only problem that a teenager with epilepsy can experience in school. Other students may avoid the teenager with epilepsy, because they have a fear of an intense contact. If a teenager with epilepsy is able to attend a public school, it is the best place for the teenager. Even though the teenager will experience negative sides, the attendance of a public school helps the teenager to learn to accept and live with the neurological disorder . Mrs. Taylor, partner of the Epilepsy Foundation, said in an interview, “Teens with epilepsy can still go to school, have friends and go to college. They may need some help, such as extended time on tests but the teens want to be treated like everybody.” Therefore, it is clear to see that a public school is available for teenagers with epilepsy. Friendships Still, there are many prejudices against epilepsy. The following table demonstrates different studies, in which random people have been asked if they would be against their children playing with a child that suffers with epilepsy. Study Yes No Maybe 1978 (Finke) 23 76 0 1985 (Thorbeke) 23 77 0 1996 (Thorbeke) 15 84 0 2004 (Hufnagel) 6 84 9 In fact, it is clear to see that

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