The Study Population And Sample Population

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The study population and sample population were clearly identified in the Methodology section. The targeted population included about four hundred university students taken from eight public universities located in the country of Malaysia with special preference for senior students. Rationale for senior students was based on maturity and attitudes about their future career choices. The selection of the study sample was purposive and convenient due to easy access by researchers. A weakness of the study seemed to be the sample population. The size of the population seemed to be inadequate with respect to generalizing findings and results. The inclusion criteria were clearly identified. Approvals were received by universities participating in the distribution of survey questions. The researchers randomly chose students from the population sample to partake in the survey. The sample population of respondents was evenly distributed among universities participating in the research study.
Ethical Considerations Participants were informed and provided consent to contribute to the online survey. Confidentiality was not explicitly stated, however the use of the commercial survey program, Surveymonkey®, implied confidentiality among participants. Ethical considerations were not specifically stated. The safety of participants was implied, due to the use of consent for participation in the study. Participants completed surveys within their respective university classes. There
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