Essay about The Study of Anthropology and the Humanities

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The humanities are a broad multidisciplinary field of study where its disciplines aren’t in just one department. Therefore, studying the humanities correlates to the study of anthropology. Simply put, anthropology is the study of humanity and the origins of human beings. Learning about the humanities can help those studying anthropology because the humanities looks into understanding and exploring the human condition. There is an idea of culture that is used to describe what humans do. Anthropology explores what culture is, how it influences society, and why the idea of culture is important. Studying anthropology also looks into the various cultures around the world and the diversity that makes the human race. A basic concern for…show more content…
Genesis is an important text to study because it explores the very beginning of time and the sole birth of the first recorded humans on earth. Crumb, a non-believe, retells of the story of humans and the civilization that they first existed in the Bible. Studying history is important to anthropology because of historical particularism. Historical particularism, an important concept in anthropology, means that each society was the outgrowth of the past. It is argued that “if you want to get to know someone, it helps to know where they come from (Lassiter 19). To get a deeper understanding of the origins of humanity, it helps to study a text that speaks of the beginning of man’s existence. Genesis is a book that takes the Book of Genesis from the Bible and transforms it into illustrated comic. The first three chapters of Genesis talk about the beginning of time and how God created the Earth and the first human beings, Adam and Eve. Historical particularism also says that each society has a unique historical past. The most important thing to understand about why a particular society is different from another is rested in their particular history (Lassiter 18). Genesis, as Crumb illustrates, covers the origins of man and the history of humanity in the very conception of man. Crumb’s illustrations provide readers with some knowledge of the nature of man and how humans were later affected by key events in the bible. The Bible, and especially Crumb’s rendition of

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