The Success Of A Restaurant Business

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Executive summary
The success of a firm depends very much on the way the personals there are performing. So the firm have to focus on maintain proper relationship among individuals working there. In doing so, managers need to learn about organizational behavior, why and how individuals behave in a certain situation, and how to influence their behavior. The business I want to do in future is a restaurant business. It will be a traditional UK restaurant with south Asian flavor. The verity of dishes from south Asia will be combined with UK’s traditional dishes. People who look for something new will be our target and the cost of food will not be too high. Our customers will be middle class people who love food. At first I will start small but gradually I will expand my business. And in future, I’d like to own a chain of restaurant. The aim of my business will be sufficient profit, proper management, serving food lovers at low cost and gradually grow in a big chain of restaurants. I’d like to manage my business all by myself, which will give me sole authority but I want to use participative leadership style in managing business. My business will demand some employees from south Asia and as I want to combine south Asian flavor with traditional UK flavor, I will also need some UK citizens as my employees. I will have to deal with cultural diversity and solve the various conflicts arising from them. So I need a proper understanding of

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