Case Study : Restaurant Brands International

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As mention before, Restaurant Brands International is a merger company that contains Burger King, a coffee shop and a restaurant called Tim Hortons. Since it was a merger that occurred in 2014, there isn’t much info for the company; however, since Burger King has been almost as old as McDonalds so much of the info will come from Burger King. Burger King is practically the same as McDonalds created in 1950s yet a few years later after its competitor was born. The main difference of how it was created was that Burger King started off like a stove and that name of the stove was named Insta-Boiler. The owners of this stove, Keith Kramer and Matthew Burns, lived in Jacksonville, Florida; however, soon later two college students, James McLamore and David Edgerton, gave them ideas of naming the stove. Keith and Matthew took the Insta-Boiler to Miami to increase its sales all due to when one of the colleagues noticed one of the food stands that was called McDonalds. Soon later the group of four traveled to Miami to sell Insta-Boiler as part of making it a food empire. After staying in Miami, the college students made some modifications to the Insta-Boiler by making it in a gas grill; however, came into some problems. Luckily for Keith and Matthew, McLamore and Edgerton was generous enough to buy them out of the trouble then soon later in 1961, the Whopper was spreading throughout the nation. Although their business was going so good, another company brought the Burger King

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