How Was The Puritan Society Successful

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Brad Dozier Dozier 1 Professor Parenti U.S. History 101 September 24, 2015 The Success of Puritan Society in New England In my thesis I contend that the Puritan society was successful because they came with family and friends from the same town or homes they originated from. Puritans also distributed lands amongst charters which created a stable economic status for all of the people living in the community. They were also able to befriend any neighboring Native Americans to avoid conflict that can harm or destroy their new successful society. Puritans came to New England with a new self-rule, meaning they left England because of religious persecution held against them. They were able to create a new successful society that lasted a very long time. The Puritans were starting a new life which included most members of each family moving with them. Family was a huge part of the Puritan success because, “they shared the same beliefs and had one common goal” ( A united community is a strong community which meant great leadership and smart economic values. They viewed the male as “head of the household, and believed the males duty was to guide the family in the way of the lord.” ( On the other hand the women were realistically the backbone of each family. Once married everything the woman owns belongs to the husband. The women were very committed and strived to create and obtain a healthy household

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