The Success Of The American Revolution

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American Revolution not only created freedom but also created technological geniuses. The American Revolution was a time period of warfare, for independence between Britain and the thirteen colonies, but it was also the breakthrough for technological advancements that would change American’s life forever. After every war, the development of a country increases. As for the American Revolution, Benjamin Franklin influenced and created a huge contribution in his politics, scientifical research, and for his war effort. During the American Revolution Era there was a strong conflict between Britain and the thirteen colonies that was resolved with Franklin’s help. “Franklin was born in Boston, Massachusetts on January 17, 1706” (Goldman) into a poor soap and candle making family where Franklin had very little schooling. Being a hard worker, he worked as an apprentice in his brother’s print shop which led him to open his own paper publishing called Pennsylvania Gazette at twenty-two. Throughout the time, Franklin’s paper became really successful that “by 1734 he became public printer for New Jersey and Delaware, which then later became the official printer for Maryland” (Goldman). With his popularity at sky-high throughout the colonies, he began a debate club called Junto which will be later renamed American Philosophical Society where he can hold meetings and discuss problems. After Franklins had grown popular he dedicated himself to public service in which he helped raise money
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