Essay on The Success of the Willie Nelson Concert Experience

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The concert of the Willie Nelson Experience (WNE) was a huge success. Our success shook the roots of Arlington. Our rock n roll took us to the top. Although street performing is not as easy as it looks, our legend of the great Willie Nelson Experience begins now. In this paper, I am going to discuss my experiences playing in the WNE, the bass guitar, and the one and only Willie Nelson. In the legendary WNE, I am the bass player. For this project, it took hours on end of studying the bass inside and out to become this legendary player that I dreamt of before this project. The electric bass, a mystical object that is the foundation of every song, was invented by Paul Tutmarc. Since the 1960s the bass guitar has replaced other instruments …show more content…

There is also a semi-acoustic bass. It is only partially hollowed out. Hofner's Beatle bass is a good example. Its the violin shaped bass that Sir Paul McCartney often plays. The double bass, or upright bass has many different names. My favorite is the doghouse bass. This bass is often used in jazz. People play this by plucking or slapping the bass. Another common use is in orchestras. People play this style with bows. This bass is the largest and lowest pitched instrument of the viol family. The viol family contain the viola, violin, fiddle, and many others. The upright bass was the inspiration of all basses. I was the first bass and probably most important because of the sparks it caused for new invention. All basses are in my opinion the most important instruments because they hold everyone together. Learning to play the bass was my pleasure and I feel its something I will use for the rest of my life. The WNE was inspired by Willie Nelson. In our first performance, we featured On The Road Again (OTRA) and it was a huge hit. OTRA was written early in 1979 on a train. Willie Nelson was studying his lines for the movie Honeysuckle Rose when the executive producer asked him to write the theme song for their movie. 35 minutes later, written on a barf bag, Willie Nelson had possibly the greatest country hit in his hands. Willie Nelson had many albums that were critical to hi success. Shotgun Willie (1973), Red Headed Stranger (1975),

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