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Going Busking is not as easy as it looks. You have to have a talent such as being a mime, singing, playing an instrument, or dancing. I played piano in a band with my friends; our number one song was "On the Road Again" by Willie Nelson. Willie Nelson changed music for some people and I will be talking about music changing people’s lives. Willie Hugh Nelson is a country music singer, song writer, and guitar player, he was an author, poet, and activist. The album “Shotgun Willie” Made him a very famous country artist. Willie was born in the great depression and he wrote his first song when he was seven and joined a band when he was ten. He impacted people’s lives because in the great depression everyone didn’t have a lot to live for and …show more content…

There are a lot of times in country music that there is a bass, guitar, singer, piano, and drums. That is what our band is. The bass and the drums are for keeping the beat and sounding good. The piano and the guitar are usually leading and if one is then the other is the background. And of course the singer is the lead singer. Especially in country music, sometimes there are more than one singer and there is a background singer.
Busking is like showbiz that is the same as an entry-level job. If you perform well enough someone could discover you and you could join the ranks of famous performers. First you have to find a good place where people walk by or drive, then you can tell people about it and that will get some to come, and you have to pick a good time to go. If you go when everyone is in school and at work you won’t get money and you won’t get discovered.
We had a good turnout. Lots of people went. It is all because we used all of the skills that I have told you. I learned piano, learned how to play ‘On the Road Again”. I had some trouble singing and playing piano but it all worked out I learned that if you want to get better you need to practice and push yourself. You will not get anywhere if you stay in the same place.
There are lots of ways that music can impact people’s lives. Our project told us to impact the environment around you, by using music, and we did. We went in

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