The Suitors and Disloyal Servants in the Odyssey Get What They Deserve

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‘The Suitors and the disloyal servants get what they deserve.’ How far do you agree with this statement?

In the closing passages of the Odyssey, the suitors and disloyal servants are punished for their crimes against Odysseus, and it does indeed seem that the death penalty doled out by Odysseus is harsh. However, at this particular period of Greek history, it was expected that each man take his own vengeance against his trespassers as there was no judicial system in place to deal with these problems at the time, therefore it seems justified that as their crimes stretched over a period of nearly 20 years and were directly against xenia, the law of Zeus, that Odysseus take his revenge as he wishes.

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Indeed, as it was expected that justice was for the individual, the death penalty can be just and the suitors got what they deserved.

Moreover, the disloyal servants too seemingly get what they deserve. Indeed Melanthius seems fit for the death penalty as he has been disloyal to Odysseus the most. In the fight between Odysseus and the suitors he sides with the suitors, supplying them with equipment for battle. As well as

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