The Bolt of Justice

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It is clear that the justice system we are familiar with in current day differs greatly to the justice system used during The Odyssey. Justice is a concept based on morals, laws, ethics, rationality and fairness. Although not our version of justice the philosophy of an ‘eye for an eye’ coincides with that era’s style of justice. By the actions of the god Zeus and the hero Odysseus we learn that during this time the great gods and powerful rulers decided what was right and wrong then what punishment is suited for the infringement. The theme of justice throughout the epic poem, The Odyssey, written by Homer depicts vengeance and revenge as ultimately being just.
Odysseus’s massacre of the suitors may seem a tad bit excessive for one man to perform, but with the support of the gods it becomes more realistic. If you take our perspective of justice out and embrace the “Eye for an Eye” justice used thru the duration of the Odyssey, The massacre was not a blatant disregard for life; punishment was from one man to another in regards to betrayal, ignorance, and the blatant disregard to one of the utmost important rules of the land, hospitality. While Odysseus was away at Troy, the suitors took advantage of Odysseus’s home and servants. We learn from an early discussion between Athena and Telemachus of the suitor’s behavior, Athena asks Telemachus, “What’s this banqueting, this crowd carousing here? And what part do you play yourself? Some wedding feast, some festival? Hardly a

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