The Sunjiata Epic : The Epic Of The Epic

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The Sunjiata Epic when compared with some of our readings such as Beowulf and Odyssey, the story starts at childhood where he is born in a royal family in unimaginable circumstances. The Epic explains how his mother carried him in her belly for eight long years. At one time the king is visited by a magical jinni that tells him how his soon to be boon son will be. The jinni explains that the son will be a strong, extraordinary, humble, and loved king (Gries, 2016). Sunjata is Epic in that he would in his wishes be able to transform himself into a lion, tame wild animals to help the society, was wiser than anybody else, and could help witches to bring back to life a recently dead child.
The story is written in a grand style, and its longevity explains the supernatural forces such as miracles and magic that are beyond the ordinary human world. It is supernatural how Sunjata was able to kill 8,000 lions and 800 elephants by himself in the countryside. As a young king, he was also able to kill beasts that were terrorizing the people, the old witch, as well as won against the wicked king to conquer and rule with fairness and peace (Gabriel, 2017).
The Sunjata story is considered an Epic because of the elements it contains. Firstly, the story revolves around a person considered a hero who has unbelievable capabilities. Sunjata was a hero as he was able to kill dangerous wild animals, teach the wild animals, and help to heal dead people. Sunjata performed tasks that were only
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