The Supplemental Enrichment Program Is A Comprehensive Reading And Language Arts Program

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A. The supplemental enrichment program is a comprehensive reading and language arts program that develops reading mastery by building a solid reading foundation and using different research-based strategies and activities to meet the individual needs of students with autism spectrum disorder (ASD). As a result, the supplemental enrichment program will prioritize the following core language and literacy aspects: Reading: Foundational Skills

The supplemental program will incorporate research-based lessons featuring daily repetition of word analysis and decoding practice. It will also target word-reading skills and practice of words with phonetic irregularities and sight words in order to primarily boost reading accuracy with the ultimate goal of increasing overall reading fluency and comprehension.
Reading: Narrative The supplemental program will engage students with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) in a similar but modified model of guided reading instruction in a small group setting. This will promote a wide range of skills including a better understanding of the setting, plot, and theme, comprehension of literal and figurative language, as well as structure and craft of narrative passages. These skills will always be supported through teacher led explicit direct instruction, guided practice, and independent practice in every part or aspect of the program.
Reading: Informational or Expository Text Students with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) will also have the
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