The Surrender Of The Confederate Army Brought An End To

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The surrender of the confederate army brought an end to the civil war and the beginning of reconstruction. The country was divided with the newly freed slaves and the rebellious white southerners all attempting to be reintegrated back into the Union. The man America leaned on to help them was the same man who led the Union through the civil war, Abraham Lincoln. Although, on April 15, 1865, Lincoln was assassinated by John Wilkes Booth. While fleeing the seen Booth can be heard shouting “the south is avenged!” The division in the country was monumental and the man that could lead America through it was gone. After Lincoln 's assassination, his Vice President Andrew Johnson took office. Jackson was a racist southern Democratic Unionist. …show more content…

Sharecropping replaced slavery in lots of parts in the south and the land owners relied on it to remain agricultural. As you can see, the newly reconstructed south did not seem reconstructed at all. There were very similar state governments from before the war, the same people owned all the land and controlled the wealth, and sharecropping replaced slavery.
The lack of change in the south frustrated the republicans in congress, so they took the reconstruction in their own hands. Thaddeus Stevens was a radical republican who was a member of the House of Representatives. Stevens wanted to take all the land away from the white southern owners and give it to all the freed slaves. This was not passed. A bill that was successful in being passed was the Civil Rights Act in 1866. The Civil Rights Act states that all people born in the United States are citizens regardless of their race. President Johnson attempted to veto the law as it was discrimination against whites. This angered Congress and the President 's veto was overridden by Congress in a two-thirds majority. The civil rights bill was now law. Next, the 14th amendment was added to the constitution. The 14th amendment granted citizenship, equal protection under the law and expanded the Bill of Rights to all people of color in the United States. Congress then passed the Reconstruction Act over Johnson 's veto. The Reconstruction Act divided the south into 5 military districts. Each district would have

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