The Survival By Change By Charles Darwin

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The Survival By Change Charles Darwin once said, “It is not the strongest of the species that survive, nor the most intelligent, but the one most responsive to change.” He implies the strongest most intelligent man will not survive, but the one who can adapt will. Adaptation in the Holocaust glowed not when the victims were treated like animals and not humans, but when the only way to survive was to adapt to the change. In the books Maus and Night the characters were forced to adapt new behaviors in order to survive. The prisoners of the Holocaust exhibited behaviors that didn’t follow ordinary character traits because they would be killed if they didn’t do everything necessary for survival. When victims of the holocaust had to lie in order to survive this could mean that someone else wouldn’t survive. The Nazis brutally kept Jewish men, women and children in horrible conditions. The Jews were abused, forced to work, murdered and persecuted like never before. The harsh conditions made prisoners desperate to survive this atrocity. They did whatever was necessary to survive this horror. These prisoners utilized skills never before seen because this was a Holocaust like never before. Lying was an attribute which helped many people in the Holocaust to survive and obtain rare commodities such as food and shelter. Vladek Spiegalman is one of these Jews during the Holocaust and desperate to survive he was forced to lie and cheat to get the best job possible. He did this when he
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