The Sustainability Issues Facing The Hospitality Sector

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Within the service sector, hospitality industry is a broad category of fields that includes event planning, lodging, cruise line, theme parks, transportation and other fields with the industry of tourism. The industry greatly depends upon the availability of disposable income and leisure time. Hospitality industry is a multi-dollar industry with hospitality units such as hotel, amusement parks and restaurants. The hospitality units consist of multi groups such as direct operations (housekeepers, kitchen workers, marketing, management, human resources, servers, bartenders and porters etc.) and faculty maintenance. The industry is faced with a number of challenges and issues that needs to be highlighted and discussed. This aim of this essay is to highlight the sustainability issues facing the hospitality sector. The essay entails the basic sustainability definition along with its importance in the hospitality sector. Furthermore this essay will also present the issues, challenges and trends faced by the hospitality sector which is followed by the recommendations that can overcome these issues and conclusion (Powers & Barrows, 1999).
Introduction to Sustainability
The ecology defines sustainability as the way through which the biological system remains productive and diverse. Healthy and long lived forests and wetlands are examples of sustainable biological systems. In general term, sustainability can be defined as the endurance of processes and systems. The term

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