Sustainability Is The Continuance Of A Defined Behavior

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Sustainability is the continuance of a defined behavior or action with the ability to maintain a balance of what and how that specific behavior is being completed (Business Dictionary, 17). As this definition is general, we can apply it using a qualitative breakdown of its importance to biology and ecology. The importance of sustainability in biology and ecology is to ensure that the relationship in which we utilize our natural resources does not surpass the Earth’s abilities to produce those materials due to our consumption. This is the idea of sustainable development. Per Environmental sustainability; practice global implications, “we cannot generalize environmental sustainability with the interpretation that we must ensure that we can …show more content…

Moreover, it reveals an acceptance of diversity and reassures that well-being, growth, and cooperation is prevalent among all individuals in a society. “Environment Sustainability is the rates of renewable resource harvest, pollution creation, and non-renewable resource depletion that can be continued indefinitely” (Environmental Sustainability). Human activities should not interfere with the proper health of the environment. Creating less pollution, minimizing harvesting renewable and nonrenewable sources, avoid damaging ecological features will increase the maintenance and sustainability of the environment.“Economic Sustainability is the ability of an economy to support a defined level of economic production indefinitely” (Economic Sustainability). GDP (Gross Domestic Product), observing average GDP Per person, and Poverty Threshold are indicators used for observing whether economic sustainability is maintained and strong. Economic Sustainability demonstrates that each person is at least given the minimum level of comfort to live satisfactorily. Due to global warming, the climate of Kiribati has changed dramatically causing the sea levels to rise and a decrease in the freshwater lenses used for both crops and human consumption. The people of Kiribati including Loane Teitiota have found it difficult to survive due to the changes to the environmental condition. Loane Teitiota was close to becoming the first climate change refugee until he was deported from New

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