The Sustainability Of The Solar Energy

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The purpose of this memo is to define sustainability in relation to solar energy. We will do this by informing you of our definition of sustainability, followed by providing you with the economic efficiency, environmental impacts, and sociological perception. Team Definition of Sustainability Economical Cost Effective Reasonable alternative for non-sustainable energy. Does it save money in the long run? Will the improvement of technology out-date current implementation? Environmental Manufacture (green practices) Recycle End of Life Remanufacture? Low Waste Easy to Obtain Materials Recyclable/ Biodegradable Materials? Social Population Bias Government Push Availability (Between Different Countries) Risk-Benefit Analysis Those that are manufacturing the product have access to the product. How the solar panels are being used? Definition: A sustainable technology is one that is affordable, available, environmentally safe, socially accepted, and helpful. It is affordable and available enough that it may be used by the general public. It is easy to manufacture using renewable materials and it does not pollute; it improves the quality of life for present and future generations. Environmental Availability China is the leading manufacturer of solar panels. To protect the industry 's reputation the manufacturers of photovoltaic panels in china has set standards for recycling their waste instead of casually dumping them. These standards are easily met if they explored

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