The Sustainability Of The Telstra Network

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Introduction of Telstra
Telstra is the Australia’s leading telecommunication and information services company. It has provided the range of communication services which are competent in the market. The industry offer 16 million mobile services, 7.5 million fixed voice services and three million retail fixed broadband services around the country. The company comprise with the Australia largest stakeholders with 1.4 million. The research projects will discuss and analyse the sustainability of the Telstra network business in the environment through the review of academic works, corporate websites and annual reports. It also focuses on different trends which are applied by Telstra to bring drastic change in the eco-friendly atmosphere.
To start, the centralised/vertical structure of Telstra is designed to accomplish the targeted goal. The organizations produce the products which travel through manufacturers to wholesalers then to customers. Also company follow the Telstra Business Principles which is the key component of corporate governance framwork. This framework helps to build the transparency and accountability for the long term performance and sustainability. Moreover, the CEOs as the board is responsible for the improvement and execution of policy and complete supervision and performance of the company. Then the middle mangers (Controller/director) follow the rules and policies set by CEO and control the first line mangers. Besides, they keep

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