Telstra SWOT Analysis and Marketing Strategies

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1.0 IntroductionTelstra Corporation is a telecommunications and information services company. It provides a range of services including fixed line services, Internet access, and business services. Telstra is the market leader in the telecommunication industry in Australia, with one of the most prominent brand names. However, its products and operating services face an increasing threat from competitors. An analysis with recommendations of Telstra marketing is necessary in order to improve its performance. 2.0 SWOT Analysis2.1 Strengths•Telstra is one of the biggest brands in Australia and dominates the leading business position of telecommunications and information services in this country. •Telstra owns and operates an extensive network…show more content…
And the target segments may include rural area (Farms), business and government. 3.2 Telstra Market PositioningTelstra's target segments are based on knowing customers and meeting their needs. And its positioning strategy is to express the valuable differences on products and services offered and create competitive advantages. To position Telstra and capture its target segments most effectively, the followings need to be taken into consideration:•Important: the key difference to promote is the scope and reliability of Telstra products and services. •Distinctive: promote the distinctive features such as the easy access to broadband via mobile, Satellite, ADSL2 Plus and the extended features of using mobile phones. •Superior: promote quality and the multi-functional applications of our products and that services are superior to most of our competitors. •Communicable: the above mentioned features are communicable and customers can easily identify the differences. •Affordable: the above mentioned competitive advantages offer high value benefits and our target market can afford the prices. •Profitable: one of the key criterions for selecting the above competitive advantages is that the company can introduce them profitably. 4.0 Marketing objectives:The marketing objectives of Telstra for the future market are:•To segment the industry and focus upon the target customer group in the identified target region. •To create public awareness

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