The Symbolic Reinforcement Of Gender Inequality In Men And Women

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Living in an imperialist white supremacist capitalist patriarchy, the binary acts as an organizing principle where gender becomes a touchpoint for otherness. The gendered double standard constructs the feminine to be subservient to the masculine where women are often objectified as symbols of status to enhance a man’s social standing. The female gender is constructed to socialize women into subordination. Our culture promotes men and women to become obsessed with evaluating the appearance of the female body. These evaluations of our bodies catalyze sexism in the female mind where discourses of comparison and judgment drain our spiritual energy.
Lately, I have been wondering if shedding the added layer of femininity painted over the natural state of our embodiment enables women to move through this world as the subject, the one seeing instead of the one being seen. Specifically, I wonder about makeup as a subtle, yet symbolic reinforcement of gender inequality: causing me to think well, what if I never wore makeup again? Recently, I had a woman say to me: “you don’t need makeup! if I had clear, youthful skin I wouldn’t wear makeup either”
Who is doing the looking? And why is being looked at part of our gender? Am I even able to go a day without evaluating my appearance or evaluating a particular part of my body?
Gender norms create the conditions for how we think, act, and feel, where hegemonic definitions of femininity are upheld through modeling and reinforcement. Norms
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