The Symbols Of Friendship And Death In Gilgamesh

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At the beginning of the story, Gilgamesh is shown as someone who doesn’t really care about death as long as he dies for a cause that would make everyone remember him for his deeds. As a result, he would be physically dead but spiritually alive because every single person would know who he was and what he did. However, this idea of him changes when he witnesses the way his beloved friend Enkidu dies, and therefore he embarks on a journey to find eternal life. It was better for him to live forever rather than die and be forgotten. Hence, two important themes can be seen throughout the whole story which is friendship and death. A factor that motivated Gilgamesh to change his way of being was the love for his friend. “To me, its attraction was like the love of woman” (Sandars, 66) For instance, the friendship that was born between Enkidu and Gilgamesh made him turn from being a tyrant leader to a hero. He transformed into a better man, a more dignified ruler, and he was able to understand the needs of his people. Furthermore, Enkidu was like the strength of Gilgamesh, his Achilles heel. Such was the importance of the wild man that Gilgamesh repeated several times “My friend, my younger brother” (Sandars, 101). The repetition of words like these ones is nothing but a symbol to emphasize the significance of this man.
However not only Enkidu helped Gilgamesh but Gilgamesh also helped Enkidu to be a better man. Enkidu was born in the wilderness and was accepted by the wild

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