The Symbols Of The Scrolls

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“Here we are,” begins Ir’a, leading his archaeological group into a large room that appears to be a library, the stone walls filled with well-preserved scrolls bound together by hemp ropes with various symbols between the shelves and behind the scrolls. More floors were above and below, the center of all of them empty so that the floors below can be seen, stairs going between the floors on the side opposite where the group entered in from. “Now let’s see if these scrolls say anything,” begins Ir’a as he picks out and unwraps a scroll that had the symbol of a familiar language. “Here’s something I can read…” he begins before beginning to quickly read the item. Garactum Shuni, day 53 of 1801, year 404 “Here… we...” began Pacal Ts’eloti as…show more content…
After another frigid wind with the same aromas blew through the area, the trio sprinted out, Iklanui and Aranur dragging along Pacal’s unconscious body. Garactum Shuni, day 54 of 180, year 404 “Here we are,” Pacal tells Iklanui, Kethra, and Aranur as they walked into the library of the temple, “I think there should be some context as to… wait, what is that?” Seeing something on the wall, Pacal looked closer at some symbols on the shelf beneath the scrolls stored in the library. In a rather unusual reaction, Pacal struck the wall with his staff, causing the stone to fall apart and the scrolls there to come tumbling down. Since most of the scrolls in the library would be fairly important, Kethra, Pacal, Aranur, and Iklanui scrambled to salvage whatever scrolls they could from the rubble. “Good,” states Pacal once they find all of the scrolls, “most of them suffered only minor damages. It shouldn’t be too much of an issue. What’s with this hidden room though?” Another chilly wind blew in from deep inside the temple, although it failed to extinguish the torches of the library chamber and only blew out the torches in the previously hidden hallway. Noticing that a torch would not be useful, Kethra summoned her two glowing axes and chains1 for lighting in the hallway, muttering out, “knew this ability would have proven useful at some point.” The four left to venture
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