The Synthesis And Fabrication Of Conductive Polymers Essay

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Conductive polymers have promising applications in the field of tissue engineering as tissue scaffolds. Many tissue types respond favorably to electrical stimulation, because of this conductive polymers can be used for the regeneration of damaged tissue. This review will focus on the synthesis and fabrication of conductive polymers as well as their applications in tissue engineering.


All cells exhibit some form of electrical excitability, from voltage gated ion channels to muscle contractions and heart beats electromagnetic fields are critical to the basic functions of life. Galvani famously showed in 1794 that a frog leg will contract when touched with the cut sciatic nerve of the other leg.This scientific breakthrough led to extensive research of electromagnetism within organisms. Electromagnetic fields have been found to affect a variety of biological processes including angiogenesis, cell division, cell signaling, nerve sprouting, prenatal development, and wound healing [1]. Only in recent decades with the development of molecular and cellular technology has the link between cell biology and bioelectricity been discovered [2]. This growth in understanding has led to the development of a variety of electrically conductive devices for uses in biomedical engineering. Devices that use electrical stimulation that have already been approved by the FDA include the pacemaker, deep brain stimulators and vagal nerve stimulators [1].


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