The Taagic Story of Dolphin Mistreatment

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Ever since I was young, I was always fond of the ocean. The waves that the sea created intriqued me and the animals that lived underwater were even more unbelievable. I found the dolphin to be extremely fascinating. Since the first time I saw one while surfing at my local beach, Manly, I was hooked. What I didnt know was the horiffic story behind those playful creatures I saw at aquariums every year. Whether it be on a primary school excursion or a family outing with my family to the aquarium, those “happy” looking creatures beyond the glass where no more than abused animals living a nightmare. So where did they come from?

After much research, I found that the countries contributing most to dolphin killing where located in Asian countries in particular Japan. As you can see in the following chart showing whaling distribution throughout the globe, Japan is a hotpot for dolphin hunts. Because the dolphins can be sold to marine parks and butchers across the country for such good money, fisherman in the Region of Taiji (an area with large influxes of marine mammals), kill them annually. Other regions such as Guinea and other Pacific Islands have openly admited that Japan had been financially aiding them to undertake dolphin kills.

Whats most appauling is the way in which the dolphins are killed. The Tiaji Fishing Cooperative in southeastern Japan have put numerous efforts into methods that kill the dolphin quickest in the hope that more killings means more profit. The

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