The Tactics Of The German Army

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The strategy of the German Army was very simple. The Germans knew that the Soviets were making their move into Berlin. The Germans had decided to bunker down and fight to the death for the city of Berlin. The Germans had decided that it would take about two hundred thousand men to defend the capital of Berlin. The two hundred thousand that were to guard Berlin was comprised of mostly women, older men, and younger children. The German army was aware of the amount of Soviet forces that were planning to attack Berlin, and built a strong defensive position in order to counter the Soviet offensive. The Germans constructed trenches, barricades, and other protection measures to ensure their stronghold in Berlin. This became the final preparations for the city and waited for the Soviets advancement. The Soviets knew the key to success in large battles by using major firepower in order to eliminate the enemy. Field Artillery was a key factor in this strategy by providing the massive barrages into the city and taking down supply planes and closing supply routes. The Soviets planned the attack about sixty miles out of Berlin and knew that the German troops were hurt and undermanned so they used this to its advantage. The soviet forces strategically placed around Berlin and gave orders to attack from the different positions. Soviet intelligence reported that they outnumbered the Germans men, equipment, and aircraft. The Moltke Bridge was a vital landmark in ensuring the defeat of the

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