Essay about The Taiwan-China Conflict

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In deciding on which course of action would be the most appropriate in resolving the Taiwan-China conflict, it would be necessary to understand the conflict and the attempts made to resolve such conflict to have a proper perspective on the issue. It would also help to analyze why the previous techniques were not successful before adopting any policy recommendation to resolve the conflict.
I. Description of the Taiwan-China conflict
The conflict between Taiwan roots back in 1911 when a revolution overthrew the Qing dynasty. China was fragment after the fall of Qing dynasty and civil war followed (Myers 1) in 1915.
In this condition, the political party that gave birth to Taiwan, the Guomindang or GMD was formed and so was the ruling …show more content…

Months later, Mao declared the founding of the new Chinese state in October 1, 1949 which is the People's Republic of China (13). Chiang Kai-shek on the other hand retreated to Formosa which is now Taiwan to seek refuge from Mao’s advancing armies (Ford 36) which it still continue to occupy until this day.

II. Description of the various conflict management techniques used, the third parties that were active in attempts to resolve the conflict, and the outcomes of these conflict management efforts.
Efforts however were made to reconcile Taiwan and China after Mao’s declaration of People's Republic of China or PROC as we know it today. On April 27, 1993, China and Taiwan begun negotiating the various Interpretations of Taiwan’s relationship to China, or the "one­China" principle” (Myers 1). The negotiation however was conducted and represented by third party private agencies. Taiwan was represented by Straits Exchange Foundation or SEF while China was represented Association for Relations across the Taiwan Strait, or ARATS. The negotiation however was short lived and collapse when President Lee Teng­hui visited the US for a public address at Cornell University (Myers 1).
The technique used in the attempt to resolve the conflict was negotiation by third parties

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