China-Taiwan Relations

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Taiwan and China Mainland share the same culture, language and tradition. From this perspective, the Taiwan question is the domestic affair of China. But, because of some historical reasons, the U.S. has involved into the question. As well as, the Taiwan question has been very sensitive question in China-U.S. relations, and it is influenced by the global political structure and regional political structure in the Far East. The U.S. would not like to give up its concerns and interest in Taiwan, the U.S. is to extend its interest and power by supporting Taiwan, and the United States is committed to the defence of Taiwan, but confronted with China Mainland, it is not helpful to the U.S., so, to avoid the policy of the question of China-Taiwan drift, the U.S. administrations will have to make policy in the U.S. interest, not in Taiwan’s interest. So, on the Taiwan issue, if both the United States and China Mainland could abide by the three joint communiquОs and relevant promises, particularly the principles of mutually respecting sovereignty and territorial integrity, the China-U.S. relationship will strive forward in the new century toward the goal of establishing a constructive strategic partnership. Anyway, both China and the United States have the common task of maintaining peace and stability in the area of the Taiwan Straits. Thus, the two governments should continue to pay sufficient attention on the Taiwan issue. While settling the Taiwan issue, for Chinese

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