The Tale of Green Harbor

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In the Green Harbor you will find waves of fresh vibrant green valleys and animals that jump from one hiding spot to another. Swaying palms filled with ripe fruit just waiting to be picked. The smell of the fresh morning air is sweet and warm, with peaceful winds that provides a relaxing breeze. Wind Chimes can be heard from the houses and the smell of the fresh tropical ocean that is not far from the small community near by, where little geckoes and tropical birds can be sighted and even visit while people are just relaxing on the beach or shopping on foot. Within this pleasant Island of Green Harbor there is a sweet place, a place where little geckoes of different colors live with parrots and palm trees all around like a gate around the warm soft sand and the dolphins live and can be seen from the shore and people can even swim with them if they wish. Where you see people in trees and giant lizards wandering around, where carpets can levitate and waves curl into tubes and and fish can fly and birds can sing, where the sun shines bright and everyone is greeted with a grin. In this special place pearls cause the water to sparkle and the sun causes the pearls to make underwater rainbows among the schools of colorful unique fish. If you look closely and try really hard you might see, a dragon, horse, or even a snow leopard up in a tree or hiding in a volcano or a cave on the water. In this special place in Green Harbor peoples’ nails change with their mood and their closets

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