The Tattooed Soldier Analysis

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The Tattooed Soldier depicts the efforts of Guatemalans trying to survive in an environment that is filled with wars and havoc. The use of power has led to the creation of social classes that are not only based on wealth but on gender, and heritage. This search of power has led to the lack of collaboration amongst Guatemalans and resistance movements between the lower class and the elites which has led to chaos. The novel itself follows the stories of a Guatemalan man and the events that have caused him to migrate to America to seek the opportunity that seemed to be out of his reach in Guatemala. The nation was undergoing constant wars between the government and the people seeking to gain economic and social help. The war was between the government and the Guerillos, the rebels, but innocent lives were caught in the middle and many had to be extremely cautious as the government was being cautious against anyone who hinted at resistance. The United States’ involvement in other nation’s affairs have caused problems in Chicano nations. The problem with power, difference, and inequality is that it creates a division amongst groups that prevents them from acknowledging the human values that everyone is entitled to which are similar to that of other chicano nations. Not only does it create a division but it also creates oppressions with the oppressed groups.

Those in power are often never satisfied with the power that they already hold but rather seek the flaws in other

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