The Teaching of Jesus: The Lost Sheep

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It is usually said that if you are good you will go to heaven and if you are bad you will go to hell. Well the reality is that our God loves us equally. To Jesus, it did not matter if you were a traitor, a thief, or a tax collector; let me tell you about Matthew. Matthew was born in the 1st century Galilean; he was born in Galilee during the Roman occupation that began in 63 BC, Matthew was said to be a tax collector; he collected the taxes from the citizens for Herod Antipas. While Jesus was walking through the area in which Matthew was collecting the taxes from the Hebrews, Jesus approached him and asked him to come with him, without any question or resistance, Matthew got up and left everything behind never looking back. He left a life of wealth and security for a life of uncertainty and poverty. The gospels that Matthew had written were mainly written for his community, which were manly Jews. All of his gospels were written in a “Jewish style” so that his community would better understand the teaching and the lessons of Jesus. Jesus according to Matthew Jesus was a teacher, a healer and a miracle worker, as well as a suffering Messiah. To Matthew Jesus fulfilled the hopes of Israel as the only teacher and the founder of the church. Matthew wrote the teachings of Jesus in the way he told them, the same form of parables. Jesus’ parables are made up of three linked parts: a parable narrative, an application of the parable, and a response, usually only implicit, from the

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