The Teaching of Saint Gregory Essay

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A. “The Teaching of Saint Gregory” contains many theologically concepts as God and Creation, Christology, human Sin and salvation, eschatology and resurrection. Owing to the limited space, I will only explore some key elements which I think are worthy to be discussed.
First, Gregory depicts the God’s attributes – it begins with the faith of Trinity- God created the world and humankind, the Son saved humankind and the Spirit sustained the world (259, 263, 362). There is no one before God and there is no creator (259). God is incomprehensible and almighty (259, 366). God created two kinds of creatures: visible (the creatures in the world) and invisible (angels, include the evil “Follower behind”) (262, 278).
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(671-679) Gregory claims that through the power of the Spirit, the Apostles regenerate the world by baptism (680), bring forth the world afresh by water and the Spirit (681). Gregory also emphasizes the attribute of the Holy Spirit as Fire (638, 676); that the Apostles seasoned everyone by fire (Mk 9:49) (681).
B. To make critics on this book, the best criteria I would adopt is love. It is not only a virtue but in fact it is the commandment that Jesus has given us to obey (Jn 13:34). As Augustine emphasized in the teaching of catechism, “Love is the End”, is the utmost important element to teach in the catechism.
Firstly, Gregory had made good elaboration of God’s attributes and the unity of Trinity. Not like the modalism, He does not say the Father is the only worker in Creation. By quoting “Let us make” (Gen 1:27), Gregory claims the Son and the Spirit are the co-workers in the creation. However, he has not elaborated the loving relation in Trinity. The Gospels tells numerously Jesus loves the heavenly Father and the Father loves him (Jn 15:9). The most explicit example is shown in Jesus’ baptism – The Father says this is my son, my beloved… (Mt 4:17). In the depiction of the Spirit, the fire character is vividly demonstrated; but Gregory missed the gentleness, kindness and loving character of the Spirit (Jn 14:16; Rom 8:26).
Secondly, the

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