The Team Based Reward System For The State Of Georgia Essay

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Aguinis (2013), teaches us there are many factors that contribute to organizations complimenting an individual performance management system with a team performance aspect. Increased pressures for global competition, the need for product innovation, and the reduction of hierarchical levels in the organization allows for a natural extension of a system that focuses on individual performance only. This paper will analyze the team based reward system designed for the State of Georgia by Georgia’s Department of Human Resources. First, will discuss the positive and negative aspects of their reward system. Next we analyze the labor relations issues facing this reward system and uncover and legal implications the State may be facing. Finally, this paper will make a recommendation to the State of Georgia to improve its current reward system by also taking into account labor relations and legal implications.
Aguinis (2013) discusses that fact that team-based organizations do not necessarily outperform work teams or teams in general. A reward system we learn, should not only target individual performance, but teams as a whole (p. 295). An ideal performance management system includes such characteristics as strategic and context congruence, thoroughness, the ability to identify effective and ineffective performance, inclusiveness, standardization and ethicality. The reward system applied to the State of Georgia, exhibits many similar characteristics of an ideal

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